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Turn tedious JSON data into a visually intuitive, interactive experience.

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🌟Intuitive Visualization
🖼️Image Previews
🔍Collapsible trees / indent guides
🔗Clickable URLs
Human-Readable Timestamps
🔄Toggle between raw/formatted
📤Export to JSONLint
🛡️Safe and Respectful

When you encounter raw JSON data, it's often just an overwhelming wall of text. Navigating this maze can be tedious and error-prone. But with the enhanced JSON Formatter, you can now visualize, understand, and interact with JSON in ways you never imagined.

Why Choose JSON Formatter?

🌟 Intuitive Visualization: Not only does our extension decode raw JSON to present it in a beautifully structured format, but it also detects colors and shows a small color swatch. With clear indentations, color-coded elements, and organized blocks, you can discern different components at a glance.

🖼️ Image Previews: Whenever images are detected within your JSON data, JSON Formatter will provide a handy preview, making your data more interactive and easier to understand.

🔍 Effortless Navigation: Dive deep into nested structures with our collapsible trees and indent guides. And with the added feature of human-readable timestamps, understanding your data's timeline becomes a breeze.

🔗 Clickable URLs: Found a link within your JSON? It's now instantly clickable! No more copy-pasting. This streamlines your workflow and saves you time.

⏳ Human-Readable Timestamps: No more puzzling over cryptic timestamps. Our extension now converts them into a format that's easy to understand.

🔄 Toggle with Ease: Whether you need the original data or the formatted version, effortlessly switch between raw and parsed views with a simple click.

📤 Export to jsonlint.com: Want to edit your JSON? Easily export it to jsonlint.com and make your modifications there.

🛡️ Safe and Respectful: We prioritize your privacy. Our extension operates client-side, ensuring your data never leaves your browser. No tracking, no data collection, just pure JSON magic.

Speed Up Your Development Workflow

For developers, every second counts. Why squint at unformatted JSON when you can view, interact, and even edit it seamlessly? With JSON Formatter, you're not just reading data; you're experiencing it. Whether you're debugging, analyzing, or just curious, our tool is designed to speed up your workflow.

Install JSON Formatter today and transform chaos into clarity!

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